In case you were wondering about my prolonged absence, I prepared a video to illustrate the events that kept me from posting. I kid you not, what transpires in the video is only ever so slightly exaggerated for narrative effect. There really were calls the moment I hit the upload button for deliverables, there were airplanes and ridiculous races against the clock.

As of now I am due for some down time, which on the upside to you my dear readers should result in the occasional output at your benefit. I have a couple of ideas I meant to pursue for some time and may finally get around to do that. 1

Anyway, now you know a bit more about what I do among my many explorations in communication. Some of my clients may recognize I repurposed stuff that was originally in their presentations. Once again, the video is all Keynote, as I was doing presentation consultancy and design this time. Refer to this video if you ever consider my approach to presentation design. And then consider giving me a bit more time for proper planning and getting you involved in the design process.

And finally, to leave you with a few insights from my work:

The first thing about productivity and efficiency I came to appreciate from recent experience is the way mobile computing allows for breakneck workflows that simply weren’t possible just a few years ago. Then again, if we are honest about it, such workflows aren’t fully sustainable even today. For one, bandwidth is still a limiting factor. Human health is another. 20h work shifts and time zone differences will take their toll on you.

The second thing I’d like to leave you with is how much I enjoy the benefits of the walled garden Apple affords me: I often screencasted the progress I made using Quicktime recording and exported those for mobile use. This only took very few minutes out of the precious time on the projects. I can only recommend using video for progress reports and milestone deliverables, for various reasons that may warrant a blog post of their own. Anyway, regardless which software you use, quick screencasting is something you may want to look into if you are a creative working with clients.

  1. For one thing, I got to dabble a bit in music again, which led to the beats you hear in the sound track on the video here. Also, now I intend to make good on promises where there were no fixed deadlines involved. My apologies to all who have been waiting for me to come through. I’m on it. Just as soon as I finish Game of Clones. Or whatever it is you kids watch these days. ↩︎

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