A New Hope

The lack of posts recently is due to me overhauling my online presence. I designed a whole new concept, something a tad more presentable, I hope, showing off my penchant for minimalism and experimenting with subtle interaction cues.

I am not a web designer by profession, but I do try to keep up with design trends and practices, if only so I can make informed decisions when I provide consultancy, but also because I believe in “eating my own dog food” as people with actual coding skills might say. So I got all down and dirty and am happy with the result. More importantly, I brushed up on my CSS skills doing the redesign and I really, really love learning new things. I may even have come across a browser hack for a particular solution that I could not find elsewhere:

I’m a firm believer in avoiding JavaScript for styling purposes (I may get to why that is so in a post down the line) and tried to create a minimal, responsive navigation approach that doubles as a flexible content container and works with just CSS on all but truly arcane browsers, which I despise for not complying to standards and don’t cater to, because I can. That’s the upside of not being a professional (web designer that is). Anyway, the standards compliant solution did not work on mobile safari. Aaand there went my conviction…

I will give you an in-depth guide of the :active+:hover minimalist accordion solution later. Spoiler alert!1 For now I would totally appreciate it, if you checked out my new home.

If you’ve been to my home page before, you may have to clear your browser cache to see the new design. Shift reload. Please tell me about anything strange you encounter. Thanks!

Next up: Streamlining my tumblr theme with the new design. Oh, bother.

  1. I made iOS register :active state with a touchstart event. And then I hacked the blight of mobile safari not keeping my damn content visible without selecting the text with an empty OnClick declaration. The pain… ↩︎

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