This is a great interview with Oliver Reichenstein, because it allows us to tap the vast resource of his idiosyncratic knowledge1 about design fundamentals and inspiration.

  1. Incidentally, the lack of methodical knowledge production is one of the main problems with the field of design. It is full of opinionated people, be they self-conscious or self assured creative types, but it is completely devoid of established structures that could provide an objective evaluation perspective to determine the merit of a design. In effect, design evaluation is highly contingent on the prestige of its auteur: As long as “good taste” is the purported foundation of good design, there is no ulterior point of reference other than subjective opinion. This leaves us without recourse in fanboy debates. And that is why Microsoft or Apple design is always being judged on the merit (or detriment) of its authorship. ↩︎

Good design is invisible: an interview with iA's Oliver Reichenstein

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