I have to admit when it comes to Hypertext Theory I am old school: The web is not a hypertext medium.

Be that as it may, one very interesting article I found at the often commendable Content Magazine illustrates how a theory like that of hypertext can (and should) inform our design decisions in how we create meaningful structures. You’ll see that Information Architecture is not something that the advent of the Internet brought about, but rather relies on much older concepts for us to put into our toolboxes, wherever we attempt to work with information.

And if you happened to have paid really close attention to new web projects like Media1 or Anil Dash’s proposal to abandon the web page model altogether,2 well, you may be surprised to find out how much of the sentiment expressed in these ideas has already been around in theory for quite some time.

  1. Here’s a nice analysis from the Nieman Lab ↩︎

  2. Kudos to Anil for making the topic popular, but really, the streams vs static pages debate could use some input from information science or other disciplines that have discussed this in the past. Please? ↩︎

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