Transparency Update

As it were there are some rather exciting things happening in my life, some of which may actually be of interest to you, my readers. Me moving to a new place in eastern Germany is probably not one of the latter. But one thing that pertains to both my professional endeavors and to the things you may enjoy reading about is that I have decided to team up with a presentation consultancy that is run by some of the most likable chaps I have come across in my professional life. It just so happens that their talent is on par with their charm and that they invited me to work on some really awesome stuff which made it all but impossible to say no. The honor in working with BrightCarbon, then, is all mine.

The approach towards presentations at BrightCarbon very much aligns with my perspective on how to meaningfully convey information and among other things I will be helping them to further develop their already very methodical style. Giving me free reign to explore presentation methods is a bit like giving the fox the key to the henhouse. There is probably going to be a bit of bloodshed involved, but at least there will most definitely be a spectacle for all of you to enjoy. My output regarding presentations should very much profit from actually being paid to finally do a lot of things I meant to do on my own for quite some time.

Better yet, for all of you still looking for my input with your communication challenges, design innovations and media experiments, my agreement with BrightCarbon still allows me to pursue a few side projects of my own. So do invite me to all that exciting work I know is out there. In the mean time I will also work on all those little experiments I always wanted to share. Having conquered hauling all my belongings across the country and up and down several stories intact I feel ready to take on the world.1

However, and this should probably not come as a surprise, such an agreement entails that for as long as our partnership lasts I will be pouring all I have to give about presentations into making their services the best you can buy. Which means that when it comes to presentations, you will have to buy my services through them. I still very much look forward to working with you on bespoke presentations and you can rest assured that I will continue to give all of you the attention to detail you deserve. But I will do so only on a project we create with BrightCarbon—if you want to gauge the level of investment involved, please have a look at their services—naturally, I will also continue to provide an edge that you may not find on their pricing schemes.2

Now, you may not find this whole disclosure thing quite as exciting as I find the developments that prompted it, but I will give it considerable effort that something exciting will come of it for everyone. Me, my partners, my clients, and, not least, you my dear readers.

  1. Seriously, moving is a pain. I was smart enough to pay professionals to help me, which is one of the best things you can do to keep your friendships intact, and yet it is always more hassle than you remember after a year has passed, let alone a few more. ↩︎

  2. And for those who have worked with me and allow me a bit of self indulgence: The kind of things you were hard pressed to find anywhere else. ↩︎

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