As you can see I’ve experimented with gifs recently. Their most debilitating limitation lies in the way they encode color, so I tried to mitigate that problem by introducing a halftone effect that breaks up the gradients a bit.

However, they do allow for transparency, which makes them useful in a lot of scenarios where I want to use a sophisticated (if gradient-free) animation. Powerpoint comes to mind, where the transparent gif becomes something like a poor guy’s (or gal’s) green screen.

I prepare an animation in Motion1 and export it as a movie with a transparent background. From there I use a gif converter to create a gif in the size I want and import the gif to powerpoint.2 Thankfully the 2010 version unlike its predecessors allows for the animation settings of the gif to prevail, making a looping animation on a slide possible.

Check out the resulting effect for yourself and download the free Christmas Card that I designed for BrightCarbon. You can experience the animated Christmas motif in its full glory. In the true Christmas Spirit we made it a competition, so please do vote for me while you’re at it. The winner gets Christmas Eve off. Or at least out of the office at six. Ish. 3

  1. Or After Effects, Blender or whatever animation software you use. ↩︎

  2. If you want to use an animated gif on Tumblr, make sure that it is less than an MB in size or else it will have its animation stripped. Grrr. ↩︎

  3. Seriously, go download my file and help me. Tell all your friends, too. Also tell the people you don’t like. Pretty please! ↩︎

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