Wonderful, just wonderful. Science informs how information architecture can expand its use across experience channels. Which is basically applied business model design.

Yep, this article from the Journal of Information Architecture presents us with a look at the retail experience both online (across various devices) and offline, and how to create semantic “anchors” that help customers make sense of the experience in both worlds.1

Successful cross-channel user experiences rely upon a strong informational layer that creates understanding amongst users of a service. This pervasive information layer helps users form conceptual models about how the overall experience works (irrespective of the channel in which they reside).2

  1. Which is, incidentally, eerily close to my USP. You know, the whole meaning business. ↩︎

  2. The nice thing about scientific articles is that I can just copy & paste the abstract. Much more convenient than having to dig for a quotable catch phrase. ↩︎

Sense-making in Cross-channel Design

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