The Fight for Better Presentations

This is my contribution to the ongoing quest to save people from bullet point hell. The style of The Fight for Better Presentations is heavily influenced by the title sequences of Saul Bass and the spy movies of the sixties. I also cannot deny the inspiration of two notable anime series. Let’s see if you can spot the reference.

More importantly, I hope that this animation itself may serve as an inspiration to create better presentations and as a showcase of what you can do with presentation software. Special thanks go out to two people who have been role models in the quest for better presentations for a long time and were very supportive of this project: Nancy Duarte and Garr Reynolds.

The animated short was created entirely in Keynote. I merely edited the timing to fit with the music and create a more uptempo feel in iMovie. The effects and the workflow should be familiar to people following my tutorial series.

You may share and distribute the video freely if you enjoyed it. For all of you who like to tinker and figure things out on their own I am also releasing the source file of the animation. I only ask that you attribute my work if you use or repurpose any of the slides for your own presentations, videos or whatever you make out of them.

Update: New Download Link

I used to host the source file for this project on the now discontinued service. I have since updated my web presence to keep notable projects and download links in one place. Please head over to the presentation section of my lab and get the file from there. Perhaps you may come across some other goodies there as I’ll be adding to the collection over time.

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